The goal to improve email deliverability is one shared by many marketers and companies alike, because email can be an incredibly effective marketing tool. However, in order

5 Most important reason you need to Improve Email Deliverability

The goal to improve email deliverability is one shared by many marketers and companies alike, because email can be an incredibly effective marketing tool. However, in order for it to be effective, it’s integral that emails land where they’re supposed to— inboxes. With that said, here are five simple things you can do to increase and improve email deliverability.


1. Be Consistent and Send Emails Regularly

There’s a fine line between sending too many emails and too few. If you send too many, people get annoyed and stop opening your emails. However, if you send too few, people forget who you are and may report your emails or mark them as junk.

Both of these things can impact the deliverability of your emails, so it’s essential to take steps to avoid both scenarios. The solution is simple. Create a schedule and stick to it. A good frequency seems to be about a week, but test to find the sweet spot for your customers.


2. Keep Your List Properly Maintained

A high bounce rate is bad because it negatively affects your sender score (more on that later). Hard bounce rates are among the worst for your reputation, and this happens when you send emails that can’t be delivered, either because the address doesn’t exist or it’s defunct. Consequently, it’s important to keep your email list updated if you want to improve email deliverability. To do this, check regularly and remove from your list:

  • Inactive or invalid addresses
  • People who haven’t opened or click for a few months
  • Duplicate emails
  • Addresses with outdated domains
  • Emails on a do-not-email list


3. Brand the Subject line and/or Sender

Make it painfully clear who the email is coming from with a sender name or recognizably branded nomenclature. For example, if your customers always deal with a particular person at the company, it might be best to have it come from them. Keep it simple and come up with an email address that makes sense, like or For added recognizability, try to embed your brand name into the subject line. An example might be, “Your Latest Brandname Report is Waiting” or even as a branded tag, “How Millennials are Saving the World | Brandname”


4. Build Up Your Sender Score

Your sender score is the reputation of your IP or domain, and it can negatively impact or improve email deliverability. If many of your emails aren’t being delivered, it’s possible there’s a problem with your reputation. To improve your reputation, warm up before a campaign by sending smaller batches of emails to addresses that you know will respond or engage.

Increase the batch sizes over the next week to ramp up to your full campaign. Other ways to build your reputation include following all best practices for avoiding filters, because this will ensure you’re sending top-quality and professional emails.


5. Segment Lists by Interests

The more relevant your emails are to your individual recipients, the more likely your recipients are to be engaged. The more engaged they are, the lower your bounce and unopen rates will be, and this means better deliverability (among other things).

Segmenting your list is a great way to guarantee that the emails you send are germane to your recipients’ interests. Segments can be chosen based on age, past purchases, long-term customers versus new ones, professional background, and more.

\Email lead generation software is a way that you can immediately improve email deliverability. Not only does Clickback’s software help you to create professional and optimized emails in no time, but it also makes emailing cold and purchased contacts a breeze. With the right software, you can personalize emails, target segments within your list, improve open rates, and minimize bounce rates.

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