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Building Amazing Email List With Online Forms

Online forms on building amazing email list are a good place to start. With newsletter signups, event registrations, and contact forms, you can reach a higher number of prospects and customers, get more people to read your content, and boost conversions. Here are 5 ways you can use web forms to quickly and easily build an amazing email list:

1) Automate manual tasks.

Building amazing email list is much easier if you automate cumbersome day-to-day tasks. Connect your forms to your preferred email marketing platform to route submitted form data directly into your email system. At TechExploreBd, we use integrations with email platforms like MailChimp to automatically add new subscriber details and update existing contact records. This saves the need to enter these details yourself and gives you more time to figure out how to engage with the people on your email list.

2) Use custom fields for segmentation.

Creating and mapping custom fields to your online forms is a great way to segment leads in your building amazing email List. A custom field is a field that can be used to collect additional contact information such as address, date of birth, or industry. In building amazing email list, You can create custom fields within your email marketing platform and connect them directly to your form so any submissions that meet the criteria of that field will be sent to the right place in your email database.

For example, let’s say you have a question on your form that asks about a person’s industry. You could set up each answer to route contact information to a select email list that fits that particular industry.

Pardot is a great example of how this works, since you can pass form data to Pardot form handlers dedicated to certain criteria, like area of interest or age. Form submissions that meet that criteria will go to their respective form handlers.

building amazing email list
building amazing email list

Once you get this information organized in your database, you can use it to send customized emails that resonate with people based on their interests. This is how good building amazing email list works …

3) Boost your reach with embedding and social sharing.

Collect new subscribers for your email lists from anywhere with form embedding and social sharing. Embed forms on your web pages, blogs, and landing pages to encourage email signups. Expand your reach even further by adding forms to your social media pages. We use Facebook Tab Embed to embed contact forms, surveys, and quizzes on our Facebook business page for easy sharing and building amazing email List.

To make the most of social sharing, make sure you’re sending out your forms at the right time. Promoting your Facebook-embedded forms at peak times will help you build your email lists faster. 

4) Offer valuable content.

Setting up your forms and embedding them is all well and good, but you need to entice people to fill them out. The best way to do this is to provide valuable, informative content. Blog posts, webinars, ebooks, reports, and infographics that help people better run their business, hire better people, or use better tools will help you earn your audience’s gratitude and respect and ultimately win you their form submission (and their email).

5) Commit to form optimization.

Once you have great content to share, make it easy for people to get that content by optimizing your web forms. Nothing turns people away more than an awkward, clunky form. Find opportunities for improvement by identifying the bottlenecks that are preventing people from successfully submitting your form. Perhaps a question is too vague or completely unnecessary.

You can also reduce the chance of people dropping off by cutting down on the time it takes to fill out certain fields. At Formstack, we use a feature called Social Autofill that lets people fill in basic contact information with data from their social media profiles. It’s a quick and painless way to ensure people stay with your form until the very end and provide you with their email.

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