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Email Sourcing – How To Create A First-Class Email List

If you want to quickly build a responsive email list in the next 30 days — especially if you’re just starting online and don’t have a lot of money — the following strategy can get the job done.

Here’s the story:

Several years ago, I was struggling to build my email list and nothing seemed to work.

I wrote hundreds of ezine articles. I tried setting up joint ventures with other list owners. I even added loads of fresh content to my site hoping to attract search engine traffic and leads.

All of these things were helpful, but they didn’t deliver the big “hit” I wanted.

Then one day, I decided to try something completely different. Something entirely obvious …

Hardly anyone was doing what I was going to attempt (must less teaching it).

The simple 30-day email list strategy

What I did was “trade” writing a half dozen press releases to a marketer I knew (who had a big email list) in exchange for plugging my site a set number of times to his list over the course of a month.

Did it work? Oh yeah!

In fact, it only took a few hours to write the press releases, and every time he plugged my site a new batch of leads came in like clockwork. Before long my list was up and running with dozens of fresh, new responsive subscribers.

The total cost? A few hours of my time doing something I enjoyed.

And guess what?

You can do the exact same thing.

You probably have a skill other email list owners in your industry want.

It could be writing … web design … programming … SEO … editing audio/video … building websites … or just about anything a list owner in your industry can use.

If you simply find these email list owners, you can leverage your time and skills to build your list by trading that skill for endorsing your website.

Of course, the “devil” is in the details, isn’t it?

How — exactly — do you find deals like this?

Here’s 5 ways you can get going on as early as today:

1. Intentional social media networking

Mostly, I think social media is overrated as a marketing tool.

But one thing I do like about it is how easy it is to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise get to know.

With FaceBook, for example, you can friend someone and get to know them (by chatting them up about common interests, responding to their updates, etc). Sometimes that can naturally turn into a valuable contact.

That contact may or may not have a list of people who would be interested in your joining your list. But he/she probably will know someone who does and can give you an intro.

2. Ask your colleagues

Chances are you know other business owners.

It can’t hurt to ask them:

“Hey, I want to build my list and am wanting to trade my XYZ service/product in exchange for other list owners plugging me to their list. Do you know someone who needs an XYX service/product?”

All it takes is one referral like that, and you’re off to the races.

3. Forums are not dead

Go to online forums where list owners in your industry hang out and look for people asking questions you can answer.

Don’t try to pitch them your offer. Just answer their questions and be helpful.

Eventually, you’ll create relationships with people you help.

And when the time is right, simply make them your offer to trade.

4. Starting small is not a waste of time

Don’t poo-poo the smaller email list owners!

Someone with a small list is FAR more likely to accept your offer. And, after you’ve helped them, simply ask if they know someone who might be interested in the same deal … and would they mind giving you an intro?

Again, it’s simple referral marketing.

Starting small lets you leverage social proof to the hilt as you work your way up the food chain to bigger list owners.

5. Excel at what you do

Finally, as the great negotiator Jim Camp says:

“The more effective people are, the more we respect them.”

When you’re starting out, it’s tough getting anyone to take your calls. But as you rack up successes … and as people on the lists you’re promoted to see your name … and as word spreads about how groovy you are at what you do …

People will eventually start promoting you without you even asking them.

They’ll want to do it.

It makes them look good to their lists.

Believe it or not, this happens all the time, and it can happen for you, too.

Get good. Then, get better.

Start implementing the simple tips in this article.

Of course, building your list is just step #1. The next step is to monetize your list by mailing offers to your new subscribers.

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