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Do You Think B2B Marketers Can Gain from Cold Email Marketing Software?

If you’re having a hard time generating a steady stream of inbound leads, you’re not alone. Inbound marketing, while reliable, can be an excruciating waiting game for B2B marketers. But why wait around when you can take a proactive approach to lead generation and get a leg up on the competition?


All you need is cold email marketing software.

You can’t afford to move in slow motion. Maybe the competition is satisfied with running in place, but you’ve got goals to meet and a business to grow. That means filling your pipeline quickly and consistently. Cold email marketing software allows you to do just that.


What can cold email marketing software do for you?

Cold email marketing software can do something your traditional ESP and marketing automation can’t – clean your data. That means any list you import will automatically go through a series of spam and data hygiene checks, removing inaccuracies, redundancies and potential spam traps.

Inaccuracies lead to hard bounces. When enough of these undeliverable emails bounce back, your Sender Score dips. (You can imagine what happens when you get caught in a spam trap.) Next thing you know, your IP is blacklisted and you’re unable to send to your permission-based list, much less cold and purchased contacts.

But even if you bounce emails all day with no repercussions, why would you want to? Inaccuracies and redundancies waste your time and resources. Cleaning your list ensures that every marketing dollar is put toward generating a qualified lead.


Turn cold and purchased contacts into warm, opted-in leads.

With cold email marketing software, you can run clean, CAN-SPAM compliant campaigns without putting your Sender Score at risk. That means anytime you need to top off your funnel, you can simply purchase a new contact list. Can you think of a quicker way to grow your database and expand your reach?

But what’s really great about the system is that it allows you to turn these cold and purchased contacts into warm, permission-based leads that can be added to your traditional ESP for further nurturing. Meanwhile, you can fast-track hot leads directly to sales.


What are you waiting around for?

If you’re not using cold email marketing software, you’re severely limiting your growth potential. And while you’re waiting on leads to find you, what you’re really doing is giving them a chance to find someone else.

Stop letting leads fall into the hands of your competition. Try Clickback MAIL cold email marketing software today.

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